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Birstall Wellbeing Centre
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What is Twist of Fate?

Twist of Fate is a unique product that was developed by David Brennan, a high experienced Cartomancer. Twist of Fate is the result of a life-long ambition to make Cartomancy available to everyone in an exciting, entertaining, colourful and easy to understand way.

Twist of Fate uses 36 playing cards from a deck of 52. These are placed on the panels on the board and then 'read' on behalf of a 'sitter' using special interpretation sheets.

Gradually a picture evolves covering every aspect of the sitter's life: relationships, work, money, health and happiness, and how past events have affected the present, along with an uncannily accurate insight into what the future holds.


How do I book a Twist of Fate Reading?

You can call in directly to the Birstall Wellbeing Centre for direction see our map. Or you can fill out a booking form, which can be found here.  






Twist of Fate is a unique product bringing the previously highly specialised and complex art of Cartomancy (the telling of fortunes with cards) to everyone.


Enjoy our reading with one of our top psychics...

Twist of Fate Reading



Call today for a special reading in our newly refurbished reading rooms.


Call 01924 420 783 and speak to Rebecca.


A typical Twist of Fate reading lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.

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