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Birstall Wellbeing Centre
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Why Reiki?
Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive holistic energy healing system that yields powerful results for the body, mind and spirit. When using Reiki to heal, the practitioner channels healing energy through their hands to the client either directly or from a distance. It is based on the belief that energy flows through living organisms.


Many cultures, past and present have shared the belief in this unseen force and in the interconnectedness of all life. It is believed that one is more vulnerable to stress and illness when reserves of life energy are low.


Can Reiki be used on animals?
Yes it is ideal for use with animals because with Reiki, the animal controls the treatment, accepting Reiki in the ways that are most comfortable.

How does Reiki work?
Reiki heals by breaking up negative energy and replacing it with positive, healing energy, which passes through the hands of the practitioner. The hands of experienced Reiki practitioners are said to grow hot when giving a treatment.

How do I book a Reiki Healing Session?

You can call in directly to the Birstall Wellbeing Centre for direction see our map. Or you can fill out a booking form, which can be found here.  





Reiki is a Japanese technique for healing, stress reduction, and relaxation. The names Reiki, pronounced 'Ray-key', comes from the Japanese words Rei meaning universal, or present everywhere. The unseen energy is typically referred to as life force energy or ki. It is usually translated as universal life energy.


Relax, book your Reiki healing today...

Reiki Healing



Call today for a Reiki Healing session in our newly refurbished treatment rooms.


Call 01924 420 783 and speak to Rebecca.


A typical Reiki healing session lasts about 30 minutes.

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