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Birstall Wellbeing Centre
01924 420 783

Wednesday’s Spiritual Audience. Birstall Wellbeing Centre

Christine Cutts at the centre

Christine is from Dewsbury so a local medium to the centre. Explaining how she works she sees colour and uses that as the main link with spirit.

Throughout the evening she inspired others to develop their skills and gave advise to situations where spirit knew what was happening.



Open Circle

After the demonstration, tea and coffee there is an Open Circle.  This enables people wanting to know more about how it all works the chance to either sit for more messages or to work with guidance and help from experienced mediums.


Christine was giving a message to Dave when an energy made himself very visible, it was a friend that had passed to spirit. Dave felt the energy as he put his hand on his shoulder.  He then proceeded to move across the room and sat on a chair at the back of the room and started to play with the light switch.      



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