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Birstall Wellbeing Centre
01924 420 783

Wednesday’s Spiritual Audience. Birstall Wellbeing Centre


Susan Beal from Cleckheaton has been working with spirit for many years.  She is well known for church services around Yorkshire and tonight’s demonstration left us with some positive thoughts.

A full house

Starting with Julie she brought though Auntie’s, and grandparents.  The message was not just for her it was about her daughter who is currently doing exams.  We will have to wait to hear about the results and if it is true. Good Luck !!




Lisa said “thank you for the comforting things you mentioned, even though you did scare me half to death!! I will go have a sort out”.




Susan is available at the centre for one to one readings.


Book a clairvoyant reading with Susan.


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