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Birstall Wellbeing Centre
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3 LED Colourful Light Crystal Selenite Pencil with Display Base Stand


Selenite Pencil Point

See the beautiful Selenite pencil points.


They are ideal as a standing display piece, or for use in healing.


The base is flat for standing, and the top has been polished to a tapered end.

3 LED Colourful Light Display Stand

Designed with 3 LEDs and with the silvery appearance, the display stand is quite eye-catching. It is a small yet special display stand for you.




Natural Health Products...
Products Description

They look great when turned or stood in the light. The Pencil is approximately 17cm (7") tall, and 4.5cm (2") wide.



Helps rejuvenate after the loss of fertility and sexual motivation. Improves elasticity in the skin. Relieves stress and enhances will power. A piece of selenite beneath your pillow is said to keep you looking youthful.



To order:

Call Julie on 01924 420 783.

Please add £4 P&P for UK.

Limited numbers so hurry before stocks run out.

Sorry all Sold Out..
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