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Birstall Wellbeing Centre
01924 420 783

Wednesday’s Spiritual Audience. Birstall Wellbeing Centre


Joyce Devine from Thornhill, Dewsbury, is well known for her commitment to raising money for charities.  This year she is raising money for Guide dogs and has raised enough so far for 9 puppies to be trained.  Her mediumship this evening left no doubts that there were loved ones around the group as people left testimonials...    

A spot on message

Lyndsay received a loving message and was told she too has the spiritual gift.  Unknown to Joyce, Lyndsay is a tarot reader.  Her comments read “absolutely 100% genuine medium to be honest blown away with the message.  This woman has the gift “.    



Gill Kaye also had a lovely experience with Joyce who brought though her husband and his brother.  “It gave me hope that we will be reunited again eventually”.



Joyce is available at the centre for one to one readings and also runs Spiritual Awareness Courses.


Book a clairvoyant reading with Joyce.


Book a spiritual course with Joyce.


100% genuine
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